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GUIDE suggestions, bugs
« on: February 25, 2011, 01:47:14 PM »
I'm unsure of where to send or post GUIDE suggestions, enhancements and bugs so I'm starting a new topic here.

1) Bitmap images have reference points but they can only be within the bmp boundary or to the right and below.  It would be useful to allow the refernce points to have negative values, ie to the left and above the image boundary.  At the moment to get around this problem I have to increase the image size with transparent areas to include the point I want to be the reference.

2) Texts have no refernce point atall, just the fixed point at the top left.  I have a group of images and texts that I move around the display as a group.  Using the image reference point this is possible using the same signal to control the X and Y for all images in the group (once you've enlarged the one that don't share a common point).  However texts can not be controlled using the same signals as they're all be on top of one another and in a fixed position. Having controllable refernce points would be a useful feature for text.  Texts also have no rotation contol.

3)  Often images in the screen editor appear to change their colour but correct themselves upon exiting, re-saving the image and re-entering the editor.