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Downloading the Service Tool is a hassle or outright broken

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I recently directed a customer to the Danfoss website where they could download the Service Tool.  They filled out the request form and and never got any email they claimed.  I filled it out and got the first email which has some link that you click, and the wording there indicates that I should then be receiving a second email which, hopefully, has the download link.  I never did get that second email.

Ultimately, I had to have this customer, who will never ever be a GUIDE programmer, download the Update Center.  From there they had to update the Update Center.  Then finally they were able to use the Update Center to download the Service Tool.

This process is unacceptably laborious and time-consuming.  I expect, at most, a single email containing a download link for the Service Tool after filling out a brief form.  In fact, why not just let them download it directly once they've filled out the form?

I second this.  I'm not even sending my customers to the website anymore... I am now keeping the downloaded Service Tool install file and using WeTransfer to send it to my customers directly.  Was just on a conference call with my account manager and said the same  ;D

I also agree...  Just make it a simple download.  Don't even need a form in my opinion.

I think there was some idea that the update center is good for everybody and keeps people up to date, even field techs who are only "users" and not "designers".  This is OK in theory, but in reality, the update center is too complex.  For these users, the update center needs to be as easy as windows update center which requires absolutely no operator interaction (aside from having their computer on and connected to the internet).

There is another complication I am frequently seeing...  Many customers use a third party for IT support and those companies often lock out administrator access.  This then requires special assistance to get updated versions installed.  This extra complication makes it even less likely that the update center is helping users like this stay up-to-date.

Also agree. I'm now having to help field guys download the service tool which is a waste of every ones time. No forms, no emails, just a one click download!

I would defiantly agree with FluidPowerTom on this too.
-Brian F


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