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Emerson Zaionc:
A message has recently started to appear when I boot my computer, telling you that the maintenance period has expired, but my license is no limit. I do not know what the reason is because my GUIDE works normally, but my SERVICE TOOL is only working in view mode, I can no longer create parameters pages or modify. Can you help me with this? What procedure should I follow to correct it?
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Thank you for your attention.

I do see that the license says it's no limit, but could this be related to the new-ish annual renewal fee?  You know that they changed the pay structure so that GUIDE has a lower initial price, but there's an annual renewal fee for the Professional version.

Emerson Zaionc:
This license is already old and probably has been paid the full amount of it, would not have to be charged any additional fee. Another thing is that only SERVICE TOOL is giving error, my GUIDE is normal.

There is an additional fee.  Every year now you have to pay the renewal fee for the 'Professional' version of GUIDE.  Your GUIDE still works probably because there's still a free 'Express' version of GUIDE which doesn't let you use Compliance Blocks.  However, the 'Professional' version of GUIDE now requires that you pay an annual renewal fee.  I suspect that your annual fee may be due.

Alternatively, you can click 'Get Trial/Express' and get an express license.  This may work fine for you for the time being, but programs using Compliance Blocks won't compile.


Did you perhaps upgrade to new version of GUIDE recently? Because the new license system, with annual subscription, was implemented in the tool from 9.0 and forward.

However for old users, who had purchased the Pro license before the change, there was a new license key sent out in November 8, 2016, where the maintenance date was set to expire 1st of January 2020.

Your license ID and the way it appears on your screenshot implies you have one of these older Pro licenses. So check your mailbox for emails from in November 2016, and you will hopefully find your new key there.

Best regards
PLUS+1® Helpdesk


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