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Activate "Namespace" in Page ?



is it possible to show the "Name Space" at the top of a page?
"Page Name" is allways there.

My problem is: I have NV-Values inside page and so I have to name the namespaces.
To control this, if they are wright, I want to see the namespaces at the top of the page,
perhaps one line lower then the pagename.

Is this possible?
Thanks for answers,

You can have Namespace displayed on the page, but I don' t know if you can show namespace inside a block.
In the plus1 help, try search for namespace, it will show "How to Display a Page Name Space"

Just like you can write @PAGENAME, to show the name of the block.

@NS will show the NameSpace.

I hope this helps.

Regards Jakob

Yes, thanks, now I can show the NameSpace, @NS, and
so I can control the namespace without clicking every block with "q"


Your welcome :)


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