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How many node can be used on one network


I have a question. How many Plus 1 controller can be connected to the same bus and work properly? 255 ?


I want to try to give an answer:

It depends on the configuration of your system.
Somewhere I have read about 15 IO-Modules?

I have build a system with 2 Can-Joysticks, 1 MC050-10, 1 DP250, 1 IX012 3 OX 024
and the bus traffic was about 60%.

You have to watch the bus traffic.

Controller and Input and Output modules and other modules send every e.g. 20ms information.
You can change this time to a higher parameter if it is OK for your application.
So, look to the traffic!

I hope, this helps a little,


mebib posted a link relevant to this, some time ago.
on page 21, you will find a nice list of estimated CAN-bus loads for the different controllers.


Thanks for your reply! I can control the bus load. The concern is hardware that I read from an article which states there is a limit of 110 node on the same bus because of voltage .

best regards

Interesting, do you have a link to this article?
I doubt that I would ever need above 110 nodes, but never say never. Even silent nodes are nodes too.

But then maybe another bus would be more suitable.


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