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Good Day Everyone,

I have an issue with a PVED not being able to reach neutral.  The AVEF Will not reach 0.  It remains @ 2 in the extend mode.  I have tried to make minor adjustments to the LVDT on the physical PVED itself, by removing the black plug on the back of the PVED and using an allen wrench.  With the PVED Service Tool in the Calibration window I can see my AVEF EST fluctuate with my adjustments.. however it will not go to ZERO.  It will go from 2 in extend and adjust through 20 to extend ifI want it to, however it will not go into the retract.. which I presume is because I do not have the spool pushing the pin into the retract position.  So with the PVBS mechanical spool spring in neutral, how can I calibrate the LVDT to read zero/neutral?  I have my 125 offsets configured in GUIDE already. 

Do I need a filter on my data bytes possibly?

Also,  I have changed the spool data on the first input from 1.. to 10 on all 4 values.. Extend Vertical/Horizontal and Retract Vertical/Horizontal.
This seems to eliminate the AVEF calibration issue.  I assume I am creating a deadband basically.
MY only problem is, I can download the parameters on the service tool and on the PVED.  However when I cycle power and turn the service tool back on, it goes back to the default setting, even after it auto-uploads parameters on the PVED.
So, I am sure I am missing a very simple thing here.

PS - I never had WebGPI, but I have a list of the spool data values.  These are not downloadable to the new service tool.  Is there a list of these files available somewhere?


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