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Dear All,

I'm trying to set up communication between a MC50-10 and a John Deere 6068HF485 Diesel engine. At this moment I can read the bus (RPM oil press etc.) but I can't control the speed of the engine. I'm using the TSC1 block to do so...but the engine doesn't respond to what ever I'm sending.

I'm sending on the right bus, because I can see the data send by the enigne. I also tried to alter the destination adress which I'm sending to (from 0-255  :D), also no effect.

Any one who had the same problem or has good ideas....

Thanks Jelmer

We had the same problem with a Deutz Motor. Finally the program of the Motor Controller was wrong.  ;D

Usually there's a parameter in the engine ECM that needs to be set in order to allow the engine to receive commands from the J1939.  The ECM will transmit to the J1939, but won't accept incoming messages until this parameter is set.  Just something you might look at.

You may also want to try and set the MC50 id too 3

Dear All.

Thanks for thinking with me. Things I tried:

-setting my adres to 3 as result.
-According to JD the engine is set correctly
-Swapping some bits by messing arround with an old function block...still no result.

Also sent a screen shot of CanKing to JD, but thay can't tell me if I'm sending the right message >:(

I will keep you posted.


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