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Hi - this is not necessarily a PLUS+1 question per se but I need some help with controlling a 12V PVEM as a newbie.

We have 12v type 157B4116 PVEM's with Hirschmans which we wish to use as bi-directional proportional control on a motor.  We are using ethernet controlled digital to analogue outputs rather than Plus+1 stuff as we have a very particular requirement. 

Electrically we have 12 V (U+) on Pin 1, an Earth and the control/proportional signal on Pin 2.  This would map to Prop2/US2 on a Sauer controller.  The set up is the same as the minimum safety electrical diagram you see in the PVG pdf documents.

My expectation that was that a control signal of 6v would put the valve in a closed neutral position.  A signal of 3 to <6v would run fluid one way and >6v to 9V the other way.  The problem is that only the >6v to 9v signal works and sends fluid one way only.  Nothing happens with a <6V signal.  The wiring diagrams are not that clear (to me).

Can anyone tell me what I've missed or offer a troubleshooter?  The diagrams do show a separate signal line onto Pin1 coming from N_SW-Out.  What does this do and should we be using it?

thanks - I'm desperate as we're supposed to have a system test Monday!

This may be a little delayed, however I believe you need to use three pins on the PVEM Hirschmann Coils.
1 for Supply Voltagee
1 for Control Voltage
1 for earth ground

Did you have proportional control of the one direction that is properly worked?
I will try and help any way I can.
I am a newbie too.. so I know the feeling.


Are you sure the valve is not expecting 24 volts?


1. 157B4116 is PVEM, 12V (11..15V)
2. Be care to use PWM Output. PVEM needs analog signals.
We have adapters 0..10V or 4..20mA to Sauer - dAnfoss 25..75% (10..30V)
I think this is not your problem, but please only use analog signals.
Please measure the signals.

3. Maybe the problem is a hydraulic problem, pilot oil.....?

For new pojects I would use PVEA.

Best regards,


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