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PVED-CC float position

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Yup again,
I know that. I said I was sending data on bytes 1 and 3 because I meant 1st and 3rd byte. In reality I was sending it to 0 and 2. Just saying that I'm sending it to a 0 byte sounds strange :)

pic below:

Hi Rafa

In my application, the float is working by sending a "0" on Byte0 and a "3" on Byte2, as long as the Spool-Data and the OEM-Data inside the PVED are set correct. By default, the float will not be available.
There are a few settings, you should check inside the PVED, especial the following:
-Spool type
-Float port
-Float Threshold


oh.... great. than I'm screwed. I don't have WebGPI. I never needed it and the time (not to mention money) needed to order and buy it in my company will exceed the time I have to finish the vehicle. Crap.
Thanks anyway.

Hi Rafa
How do you set the node-ID's? You don't essential ned the WebGPI to change the settings in the PVED. You can do this by sending of a bunch of CAN-messages, but it is a quite big job to do it.

With your explanation, it seems to me, that your PVED is already set up for the float spool. Do you know about the function of the Float Threshold? If this setting is not 0, you have to move the spool in the direction of the float position, bevore you can switch to float. So you can not switch the valve to float position out of neutral or energy saving mode.

If this is not working, you really ned to know, what your settings in the PVED are.

Keep trying... ;)

As far as setting node ID goes ... I don't set them. I order coils for specific projects and I ask SD to ID them and they do. As for changing if something goes wrong I ask one of the Polish SD representatives who has WebGPI and he visits us. The problem here is that the vehicle is somewhat 400 km away from our company and I only have a limited access to it (I'm not really happy about that but hey, that's how it goes sometimes) so I can ask him to drive around the country with me just so I could use his hardware/software.
I have found one coil which has a spool with a float position and connected it to a PVG32 which I have on the spot. Just for testing. Strange thing is that I was able to reach the float position but without sending 3 on 3rd byte. All it needed was a maximum position on one direction (250 and 1). And it worked. Could it be that the coil itself has an old software and the spool simply has the float position? Because the response from that coil was that the coil is NOT in float (it didn't return a 3). It was still in the retract position (1). Well... when I'll be given the time at the vehicle, I'll have to try that "sending of a bunch of CAN-messages". It'll be tricky but hell. No pain no gain, right? :)


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