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Fitzsimmons Hydraulics:
Oiltronic, I am using an IX024-010. Thanks for the suggestion - I try not to mess with scale blocks if I don't have to. I have enclosed a new image of the logic. The oil flowmeter pulse is 216 per gallon, which corresponds to the meter currently installed. The note tells the pulse count of our new meter (which will be installed as soon as I can get a signal from the old one), so just disregard the pulse count of 329.

Problem is that I still can't get the service tool to read a frequency. I have tried changing pinconfig0 to all options - nothing for any of them. I tested AC voltage across the 2 wires and it read about .075. This proportionally increased/decreased with the flow, and even the microcontroller picks up a small voltage value of 5 on C2p04. In light of that, I have changed pinconfig1 from 0 to 1 for low voltage. I will have to test the rest of the combinations Monday - still kind of stumped. At least now I think the signal will be interpreted and transmitted when it does register.

Looks like the controller can handle up to 32000hz so I don't think that's the issue. I'm beginning to think its my wiring. I've been using alligator clips to flip which meter pin goes to the input, doing so for each new configuration just to be sure. One signal to micro input and the other to 5v sensor ground (on a terminal coming from the MC024-010 that the IX is used with). I think this could be an issue (despite CAN) - I will try again with the 5v coming from the IX. Thank you all for the tips.

I don't recall any controller being able to handle anything like 32kHz. The datasheet says 10kHz max.

For the IX module it does actually does say, range 0 – 35300 Hz.
Is this really correct ?
I'm finding it hard to believe, because the Controllers only range 0-10000 Hz.

Hi Jakob!

I was also surprised so I had to check myself. Attached is the data sheet from our website.;u=342

I am not sure if you did find it in an older version of the data sheet.

Hope this helps // Thomas

Hi Thomas

I was looking in the PLUS+1 Compliant IX024-010 Function Block User Manual from 2009, so in the datasheet ( it does say 0-10 kHz.


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