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I have a customer looking for a simulator version of his standard Dp600 for his help desk so they can navigate.
The thing is that he wants the file to have some form of security so it cannot be used in the wrong hands.
I was thinking of putting a code in the file that must be entered at start up but he does not want to do this every time it is lunched.
And I cannot put it in memory as it will be unlocked if it gets out afterwards, any ideas?

I don't really understand, what you are looking for. Do you want to use the Static Simulator and a CG150 for CAN communication, or do you want to use a "stand alone" DP600 for adjusting machine data and don't want that everybody is allowed to adjust the values?
In my projects, I use a generated Service Code, which is calculated new at every system start. So I can allow the user to go in protected sub menus by telling me the shown Service Code. I calculate the Pass code and he can enter this pages. After a restart, the pass code isn't valid any more.
When I have to adjust the machine (prototyping) and don't want to calculate the code after every restart, I disable the pass code by wiring C1P09 to ground

Basically the customer wants a program that he can run on his desktop/laptop which looks and feels like his production system.
He has the simulator program and service tool so there is no problem running a P1S file.
He may want to issue this to a dealer so they can aid end users, but does not want it to be spread beyond his permission.
So I need to put some code into the sim file that I guess acts like the toolkey for the service tool.
Maybe I could look at time stamping it i.e. enter the code every 30 days?


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