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I'm having a problem with checkpointing an encoder input in a DP600. I connect a DigIn_c1p09 to a simple checkpoint block and after compiling I get an error: 'SIGNAL TYPE NOT DEFINED FOR: Simple Checkpoint'. Could someone tell me what's wrong?  And the same thing happens to every onther checkpoint I connect to the encoder inputs.

I just noticed the same thing happens when I connect a checkpoint block to ANY input. What the hell?


I think, I know what you mean. PLUS1 seems to have a problem with connecting a checkpoint to any port, which you can see in the Service Tool (HW_In; EEParameters; etc.)
In my cases it worked, when putting any throughpassing component(e.g. bool switch or value connect) between the input and the checkpoint.

Try connecting a "Predefine Type" component to the signal (found in the Manage section).  It defines a data type for signals that don't already have one.

TambiƩn puedes colocar el bloque RETYPE (BOOL) entre el Checkpoint y DigIn,
RETYPE esta en Data Conversion
Saludos Cordiales.

You can also place Retype block (BOOL) between Checkpoint and DigIn,
Retype this in Data Conversion
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