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Hello again!
Is there a RTC on the DM430? I am assuming no since I see nothing about it on the message boards or manual. If so.. How do I access it?

The unit will be powered off and on regularly so creating a clock in the code will not work.

Thanks again for everyone's help.

Hello BBarry,

The Real Time Clock signals in the DM430 are located in the "TOP ! Inputs ! Time" page in the template.
You can also find them in the API Specification. It's located in the HWD folder, in the project manager in PLUS+1 GUIDE.
There's a YouTube video about the RTC for the DM1000, but it should work the same for the DM430.

I hope it helped.

Thanks That helped a lot!!!

Hello all,
I am still having trouble. I believe I am doing everything needed. I set the stop bit - wait 1s. The turn the set on for a scan. Turn the set off. Wait one second before turning the stop back on again but the values are not being set. They are not even being set to zero. RTCStatus is zero thru the entire process.

Attached image - any advice?


- Set "Stop" to On
- Change the values for time and date. (Download if you are using NV memory from ST)
- Toggle "Set" (On and Off)
- Set "Stop" to Off

Now the clock should be updated and running.  At least this is the way I did it in my test.
Also check that you are using the latest HWD file.


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