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I can't seem to find in any of the CS100 documents (data sheet or tech manual) any part numbers let alone info for the data plans.  How do I find this information?

Never mind.  It's something you purchase through the Marketplace that is accessible via the PLUS1 CONNECT portal.

Okay, what's the purpose of the PLUS1 Marketplace if you have to be a distributor to purchase a data plan through it?  How is that supposed to work?  Customer orders a data plan through a distributor, and the distributor goes onto the marketplace and buys a plan which they then assign to a customer device?  That seems like too many extra steps and requiring the distributor to be in the middle of things.  What about customers that set up their own PLUS1 CONNECT portal?  How does them sending a PO result in them getting a data subscription added to their portal?  I guess we include the email address with the PO much like with license purchases?


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