Red is not Red after Guide 11.1.5


It is an old problem and I am still working with Guide 11.1.5 because of this.
Now I must work with the newest version because of svg files and bugfixes of course.

The contrast in dark mode between red/black and between green/black (bus, wire) is not the same as before.
I can't work well.

Red is not 0xFF0000, it is now 0xF03658 !

Please compare the old color schema with the new one.

Can I change anything in options in Guide or in Windows ?

Please, can someone tell me the color-values of red and green (bus, wire) in Guide 2023 ?
You can use a color tool.
I have used "ColorPicker". There are a lot of    tools, which can do this.

In my Guide red is only 0xF03658 and not 0xFF0000, so contrast is not good.



These are the colors I get in 2023
Red : 0xf03658
Green: 0x1ad55f

The muted colors took me a bit to get used to as well. There is a way to make them vibrant with a built in tool of Windows.
In the start menu if you search "Color Filters" you'll get some accessibility options that can be helpful.
 I've found that the "Red-green (green weak, deuteranopia)" option can help boost the red and green to get them back to the former vibrancy.


I will try this workaround.

At the moment I use the white background. Here the color is OK. It would also be nice, we were able to set the color.

My monitor is 30" and 3840 × 2160 Pixels.
Here, the green wires are very small, you have to search them.

It would be nice, if we coud choose the thickness.

I think Danfoss has developed Guide for Laptops.
But there are also 30" monitors.


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