Curved Monitor usefull ?


I have a HP 30" Monitor.
I am thinking about curved monitor as computer players use.

Does anyone use such a monitor?

I think, the plane one is better than a curved one.

Cured monitors I think they are overrated/a gimmick, personally I use 3x 27".

Great for multi tasking, for example viewing, Guide, service tool and a data sheet


Can we keep this as a discussion if curved monitors are useful when developing in PLUS+1 GUIDE I will keep it here. In other cases I will move it to the "Off Topic" section.

For GUIDE developing I believe it can be a good thing. Large drawing on the screen, and everything at the same distance to your eyes. Your eyes don't have to re-focus as much when you are turning your head?  This is what I think, I don't have any facts to back me up.

The curved monitor has become a standard in our office, but myself are using two 27" flat monitors and a laptop screen. I thought it got a little crowded running both Service Tool and GUIDE on the same monitor. And if I wanted the same setup as I have now, I would have to get a 49" curved monitor (If I remember correct) and that was not an option.

Have a nice Holiday.


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