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DM100O camera input
« on: February 27, 2020, 06:10:36 PM »
Hey Guys,

has anyone connected a camera to a DP570 or DP720 or DM1000?

basically I do not see how to associate the video or connect the camara input to the video input frame before it was quite simple but with the DM1000 you can do many things.

I may have overlooked but so far I see no any part of the manual or in the forum where that it is explained.

can you advise how to get it connected?

the manual only explains for the DP600


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Re: DM100O camera input
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2020, 03:24:20 PM »
Hi Pinias!

From the PLUS+1 GUIDE User Manual on page 506;

Use Generic Viewport to display graphical content such as video files. The Generic Viewport object will specify spatial properties of the graphical content such as size, position and rotation. All properties may not be relevant for all types of graphical content. Additional properties, such as media file name, are specified by other means, e.g. API variables. Generic Viewport is tied to the graphical content via its UIDOutput property. Generic Viewport requires HWD support. Refer to the HWD documentation for details on the available kinds of graphical content and how to set them up."

If you look into the API for DM1000 (search for Camera Input) the above is valid for digital cameras. If you're using an analog camera you should use the component "Video input frame" in VBSE. 

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