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Isobus Virtual terminal fault codes



I'm programming an Isobus compatible module with guide + 1, but I have some faultcodes sent from the virtual terminal regarding the loading of the objectpool. Does anyone know what the faultcodes are in this case? I use the DP600 as VT (beta version :D).  The faultcodes I recieve are 1 and 16. These fault codes are recieved in message 18 (End of objectpool ) from the VT.

Its quite strange because sometimes I don't have any faults at all, and I don't change anything in my program that changes the loading of the objectpool.



The only error codes that are defined by implementation level 2 of the ISOBUS standard are 1, 2 and 16 (Bits 0, 1 and 4).
1 = There was an error
2 = Out of memory
16 = Any other error
All other bits are reserved and must be transmitted as 0.

For more information, see bytes 3-4 for the faulty object id, and 5-6 for parent of faulty object. (Bytes numbered from 1-8)

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Thanks, in my version of the isobus standard this is not explained.

Appearantly my fault was the exectimeout so the objectpool didn't load correctly (sometimes.)


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