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In our programs, we use status boxes like this one:

In the page, connections are invisible states.
When we need to edit one of these pages, the invisible connections appear.

I've looked in the help and in the properties, but I can't find a way.

Do you know how to make them invisible again in the page editor?

Thanks in advance.
Have a nice day!

Do you mean: "Do you know how to make them visible again in the page editor?"

That is not possible.

You have to backup pages before making them invisible!

Hi Camox,
I think I understand. It sounds like you are adding ports to a page, but you don't use them outside of that page.

There is a helpful setting you can toggle in the options.
In 2023 Its in the CAD option section on the left, then the option group is Automatic page port matching.
For "Add matching ports to..." you would deselect the "Page Interface" checkbox.
Unchecking this option will tell GUIDE not to automatically add them to the page interface.

Then if you edit the page interface you can just delete the 7 ports that had been added.


Hello Mat_Eng,
Thank you four this response.

It works perfectly.

Have a nice day


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