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J1939 Receiving Large Message (EC, FEE3)

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I think it is easier than that...  The stuff like DM1, DM2, CI, I believe gets blasted out globally with a BAM (even if it is a PGN like DM2 or CI that must be requested with PGN 59904 RQST).  I don't think you'll ever need RTS/CTS.

Anyway, you just hook up BAM to the CI and DTC parsers (Same BAM goes to multiple parsers).

For the "single packet" just hook up the generic PGN_Rx block.  One each to each parser.

Through in the RQST block and you can basically do this all with existing blocks.  I could probably pull together a screenshot for you if needed.

Hi, there is actually an example included in the Update Center that shows a setup with a DM1, DM2, and a CI message being received.
It can be found under Files->Applications->PLUS+1 GUIDE examples->J1939_Example
When you download it, you'll find an scs file in the download directory that you can view and even copy.

The newer RTS_CTS + BAM setup is a little more confusing than just dropping in a DM1 or DM2 block, but in order to correctly support multi-packet messaging and satisfy J1939-82 compliance testing it was necessary.


I got it working using the example (PLUS+1 GUIDE examples->J1939_Example) that Matt_eng recommended! It wasn't too bad after all.

Sorry, I took so long to get back to this; I had some more urgent things to fix.



I am interesting to see J1939 example but I didn't find it in my update center.

Please you can see my image of my Plus+1 Update center.

Thank you very much

With best regards

Mine looks like the attached image. Update Centre version is


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