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Functional Safety Training!

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Hello Thomas,

would the training be in Älmhult? I´m very interested in such trainings. Will there be a chapter about the mechanical requirements (valves and may be some kind of mechanical locks for moving parts) of a machine?


Hi Gregor!

Thanks for asking. We are still quite early in the development of the course. I can reveal that it will be 3 different courses in total.

- One more basic with overviews designed for everyone, account managers, system developers and programmers.
- Next step will focus on hazard and risk analysis.
- The last step will focus on software development and processes around it.

We will present the courses layout at Bauma in April, hope you can wait until then. I will keep posting information here so keep asking, input is important for us.

Thanks // Thomas 

Sign me up.  I can see this as a VERY important topic.

That looks like a good layout Thomas. I would like to learn how I can use and program the S-D safe controllers to keep compliance with the common safety standards and also how I can integrate it with current Plus1 compliant components with it's ability to perform EDM and other system checks.

Since many people will be flying to get to a training facility it would be nice if all three courses could be attended in a row for those that want to attend all of them.

There's my 2 cents. :)

Do you have any general sense of when this training will be available?

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!

Unfortunately the 3 courses will be 2 days each, it was impossible to squeeze in all necessary information in one day. 

We will release the trainings at Bauma and that is in mid April.

I will continue to post more information in this topic.

Hope to see you soon in a classroom near you // Thomas


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