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Functional Safety Training!

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Dear PLUS+1 users!

You are the first to be informed of the content of our brand new training program for functional Safety.   :)
We will share this information at Bauma next week.

- Functional Safety Fundamentals
- Risk Assessment and Safety Function Evaluation
- Safety Related Software Development

Attached you can also find our training flyers.
We are working hard to present a training schedule as soon as possible. I'll keep posting information here when I know more.

Don't hesitate to post questions here I'll answer as soon as possible.

See you at Bauma // Thomas

Are there any training classes scheduled in the US yet? This is a very important subject to me.

Hi Tjozmin!

We are working on a training schedule for North America, best way to find more information is at our website and in Horizon where you can sign up to the training class.

Horizon: (Training Schedule and sign up)

I will post more information when I know more about the training schedule.

Thanks for asking // Thomas


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