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Meaning of "Smpl Tm" in new PID blocks?


The documentation for the new PID describes the "Smpl Tm" parameter thusly:

--- Quote ---Time between samples of the D Gain input. After ten samples, the function block calculates the average
error for the D Gain input.
--- End quote ---
Does this mean the error and derivative term is updated only once every 10*Smpl_Tm milliseconds, or is it both sampled and updated every Smpl_Tm milliseconds based on an average of the last 10 samples?

Nice new blocks, by the way.

D calculating updates every Smpl_Tm, but the difference calculating is based on 10 interval sampling point.
Delta = Sample[n+10] - Sample[n]
Delta1 = Sample_10 - Sample_0
Delta2 = Sample_11 - Sample_1
Delta3 = Sample_12 - Sample_2

You know


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