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Ah that’s what I thought, but was hoping for different!

I’ve pulled the parameter files off of the machine, used the service tool to decrypt them to the .csv format. But if I try to import the parameters to a new project, I just get an error “unsupported file format”  >:(

I’ve got a lead on the guy who may have done the original programming for this machine, hopefully he’s got the original project files kicking around on a USB stick somewhere

Think I’ll hold off on this until I can hopefully get in contact with the guy that originally set this up.  I’m not confident enough at this point to start from scratch on this, I’m only at the level where I think I can muck around and do what we need to do without messing everything up  ;D

This might come down to doing a whole pile of reading, learning and redesigning this system from scratch.  There is a lot of things that need to be tweaked to make this a better, safer machine to run, if I have to start from scratch, I guess that’s what we will probably end up doing

As mentioned above for the DP600 you need to use the Classic Screen Editor. If this this is a prototype machine and you are starting from scratch with the software I would suggest looking into the possibility of using one the the newer screens that use the Vector Based Screen Editor as the functionality and workflow is much better. Also the Classic Screen Editor does not appear to be getting developed any more so I expect those screens are only being kept around for legacy reasons.

Sorry, I meant the machine was originally built as a 1 of 2 prototypes, the company had sold off the design after unit 2 was built.  I suspect they were just getting a little too far over their head on this project.

I’m dealing with a machine that’s already built and running, it just requires some refinement

It would be awesome if I can get ahold of the original project files, if they still exist, it’s a little over my head to go and start from scratch on this as the danfoss Mc and ix024 basically run the entire machine (steering/travel pumps, implement pump, lights, pvg valve, ect)

I say start from scratch on the whole system because we’d like to hopefully modify the travel pump configuration also as it is in dire need of refinement

If you do start from scratch or even just want to do some testing I'd highly recommend then just buying a new Danfoss controller, expansion module, and display so that you're not wiping the program off what you've got now.  You're right that there's a goodly amount of learning curve here.  You might want to contact your local distributor for training.  I've run training classes for customers in the past, and just the basic training runs about 2.5 full days.  The amount of value you get from it will depend a great deal on if you have any previous programming experience and if you dive right in to experimenting directly afterward.


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