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Unfortunately out local danfoss distributor is all but useless for this kind of thing.  They’ve never dealt with this side of the product line, they didn’t even know about the software or the com adapter  :o

I guess at this point ideally we would just tinker around with a whole new setup and keep these original ones intact for backup, I’m not sure how practical that is for us at the time though.  For what we need to do, it may just be cheaper to hire someone to do the software for us


Really good points to consider before you dive into the project.

I just want to point out that there are also some training you can do online. Take a look here:
If you click the "Sign up for PLUS+1 training online" you can see which courses are planned.  Due to the pandemic, the face to face classes may be changed into online trainings.

Have a nice day.

Thanks.  Seems there%u2019s nobody local here that wants to take a crack at redesigning the software for this from scratch and we haven%u2019t had any luck locating someone with the original project files

Looks like I may end up taking a stab at this myself as we have issues with the mc controllers that HAS to be resolved.  On that note is it completely unheard of, that the controller says its pwm output is X and the output is actually different?

Totally different topic from the display, but same machine.   It had some redneck boosting by an operator last year which resulted in a fried controller on the valve bank and terminating resistor  :-X

Since that mishap, weve had issues with the drive.  It is 2 series 90 edc pumps controlled by one of the mc050-010s and suregrip joystick.  Sometimes the unit will track extremely hard to one side or the other, or the speed will be faster or slower than it should.  During these episodes the input from the joystick shows no steering input, the max request, request and output all show equal left/right. But we%u2019re getting one pump stroking different than the other or both pumps stroking more or less than they should

The pumps and motors are ~400h on a fresh rebuild, edc%u2019s both ohmed ok and the same on both pumps (14.8/16.9ohms at -10c)

It seems like it may be an issue in a discrepancy between the mc%u2019s commanded output and the actual output?  Typically stopping and leaving the joystick centred for a few seconds clears up the pulling to one side, but the overall speed is then usually effected.  After a direction change or steering, the unit will usually go back to pulling one way or the other again

Id like to take a physical measurement of the output while the machine is working, would it pose any issue to run a multimeter on the edc wiring to verify the milliamperes remain constant or change when the machine acts up?

SJ Industries:
From a purely breakdown mechanics perspective, I would be checking all the earth's on the machine, ensure the earths to the MC are good. Ensure there is no difference in voltage outputs at the solenoids compared to the output at the controller connector. Run an external earth to the solenoid back to the ecm solenoid earth removing it from the existing harness. 

There should be no issue using a multimeter on the ECM as long as normal precautions are taken.

I have had machines "overheat" due to bad earth's on a fuel level sensor, causing a voltage backfeed up the ecm 5 volt sensor return, raised the a system temp by 4 degrees as far as the ecm was concerned. It is amazing the weirdness that bad earth's can cause.

As far as programming from scratch, the training courses will speed your learning curve dramatically. I recommend having a look into it.

Thanks, trying to pick away at this when I’ve got time and the machine isn’t working.  I checked the wiring harness yesterday.  Getting ~.02ohm on all grounds and power wires between the mc and the pumps

Now that I know which pins are what at the mc, I’ll backprobe my meter and I’ll be able to watch the actual outputs while the machine is working and hopefully that’ll bring me closer to figuring this out.

Is their any possible way that theirs something in the software that could still be modifying output after the “pwm output” signal that I’m reading on the laptop?

Seems odd how the thing usually smartens up if it’s stroking one pump higher, by just stopping for a few seconds 🤷???


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