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Basically a complete newb to this system, though I’ve found my way around the diagnostic software enough to get the job done.

We’ve got a machine that was a prototype build, the display layout amongst many other things leave a lot to be desired.   We’d like to edit the gauge layouts, background and add more gauges

Without having to go through 8 weeks of training, has anyone got some insight on how to get the info off of the display to edit it, or a guide on how to perform such a task?

Once we get the display refined, we’d like to hopefully be able to tweak the hydrostat side of the machine as the traction pumps can be erratic at times and the overall operation of the traction drives could use some refinement

Hello Ykdave,

You can find information/Guides for the screen editor in PLUS+1 GUIDE in the user manual, search for screen editor.

The DP600 is using the "Classic Screen Editor".

I hope it will be helpful to you.

Have a nice day.

Ykdave, I don't usually comment in the display subforum because I have a hard time doing so without getting worked up.  If you want to customize your gauges you have to actually use an image editor like GIMP, Paint.NET, or whatever one I've heard recommended on here.  Generally there are three parts to a gauge in a Danfoss display:  the background w/ tick marks, the numbers and labeling, and the needle.  These three things are then overlay onto each other within the display program to make a gauge.  So, you need to use actual image editing software to, for example, tweak the tick marks or the number scale on your gauge.  Then you re-import the image into GUIDE.

You'll hear fancy marketing terms like 'widget library', but all that means is you can then save this three-image combination into a library and reuse it as needed.

Thanks, kinda figured it would be something along those lines.  I’ve actually used dglux to create gauges for a raspberry pi project for a different machine.  I’ve just never used the guide software and have limited use of the diagnostic software

One thing I don’t see, or maybe I’m looking in the wrong part of the manual, Since we weren’t the ones to originally set this up, is it possible to take the data off of the unit, edit it and download it back to the machine?   I only see instructions on there for downloading the completed project to the display

Or are we going to have to start from scratch?

You'll have to start from scratch.  In my experience it's pretty rare for mobile microcontrollers to have that feature of being able to download the complete program in its actual project form with one notable exception being a large Brand X.  I believe it's fairly common in PLCs though.


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