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DP710 Verify Failed Memory Block


I am having an issue with downloading a new ECU value to a memory block in a DP710. Every time I go to download the new parameter on the service tool, I get an error "E245 Verify Failed". I verified that I was editing the correct memory block and had no issues uploading the value. Any help would be appreciated.

Mike AA:
Are you able to reliably send new programs to the DP710? Have you tried resetting the gateway?

I remember seeing this error a few times but I cant remember what I was doing that caused it and how I fixed it.



which memory block do you use and do you also write on this NV memory via the software?
I've had this once where I want to change a NV memory value with the service tool but everytime I downloaded the parameter, the software re-writes the parameter and so the error E245 pops up in the service tool.


Hi Mike,

I've had no issues with sending new programs to the unit. I recently updated the hardware to v240 and that took quite a bit to download, but I don't think that is unusual.


I am using an NV memory dynamic component. I do have a page on the DP710 where I can change the value using the buttons and also have buttons assigned for resetting the value to 0.


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