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DM1000 Widget library basics


Hello everyone!
This is my first post here, so please don't be too hard on me. :)
I've recently bought a DM1000 display in  company that I work for. We want to use it as an instrument cluster for a machine using CAN j1939. I am trying to make it work :) I have read or seen tutorials on youtube and learned how to use some of functionalities of this fine display. So far I was able to display PDF files and static images that change when pressing a button. I have downloaded j1939 library and widget library. I've managed to connect CAN output from ET1_RX1 block to custom indicator in my SHOW screen, however I have a problemn with a widget library. When I create a Show screen block, do not put any inputs to it, make it appear on screen and all that , and then follow the tutorial on widgets, when I try to compile I get :

--- Code: ---*** ERROR 446 *** [PLUS1_IDE] PLC Code Compilation Failure {Convert PLCopenXML -> CCP}
--- End code ---
Why is this happening?

Which version of GUIDE are you using?

The newest one, 12.1.7 . All libraries downloaded via update center.

Don't know if you solved this problem yet. Did you add the Guide PLC extensions to a new PLC unit? There are some preliminary steps for using the widgets in the manual and skipping any of those can produce that error. I have had to delete those additions and put them in again to get the file to compile also.

I have been in the PLC for 15 years, but had never had such a hard learning curve.
I had downloaded SW into the MC038, but failed to program any of the displays, stuck with the widgets down load.
I tried the followings:


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