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J1939 - Fuel Consumption - Reset Trip Info ?


Hi all,

I need few information about the fuel consumption of our machine however I do not find how to Reset Trip Information.
The information is coded in 1 byte, the bit 1 and 2 (see the 56832 - Reset Any / Engine), but should I send TRUE on bit 1 and TRUE on bit 2 ? FALSE ?
Ang how to I know If I need to reset the Trip Group 1 or 2 ? What does make the difference ? How can I see on your document ?

Thank you

I have never needed to use the trips so don't have any hands on experience. Some of the other forum members may be able to provide more help but in the mean time the meaning for the two bits are:-

00 - Take no Action
01 - Reset
10 - Reserved
11 - Not Applicable

I noticed there is a Request Trip reset Block within the DM430 EIC software.

You can find this by opening one of the .p1p files available through the Update Center.
It is in the Main.scs then follow the path below: MAIN!TOP!Output!CAN_Tx!Send_EngineMsgs

It is my understanding you can copy this block out of the EIC software to use in another application.


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