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Losing Connection on Crank

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Hi Paul!

I assume you mean you're using a IX024-010 because we don't have any HW with model number IX024-101.

I did the test with only template (MC050-110 nl including IX024-010) in my test bench using Service tool v8.1 and CAN1 but I can't replicate your issue. I let the voltage drop down to 8V before communication was lost and according to specification valid supply voltage is 10-36Vdc. As soon as I went up in voltage communication was resumed. Could it be disturbance from the machine that is causing this? If you have the possibility you can send PLUS+1 Helpdesk your application and a Copy ECU list to Clipboard from Service tool making a right click when highlighting ECU list. Please send it to .

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk

If it is not the power dropping during crank, then I would definitely guess on some sort of disturbance from the machine, as Nilla sugested.
Try disconnecting everything from the IX except the system supply and CAN.
Even a connection to the sensor ground can make the IX shut down, if the ground potential levels don't match.


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