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How can MC detects an IO-Module?

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So I got it to operate as I intended, will be testing to confirm over time but here is what I did...

I setup individual CAN Rx blocks just for communication faults in the display using the Update signal from the CAN Rx block tied into a delay so if the update signal remains false for longer than a time i specify based on the Tx rate of each device a fault is latched until cycle of power. (until I come up with a sufficient reset condition) knowing the following everything is working as expected.

IOX module was transmitting on 0x190
OX module on 0x198
Joystick on 0x0CFDD633
radio controller on 0x96
CAN Switches on 0x18FF1034

If anyone sees an issue I might eventually get please don't hesitate to let me know. 



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