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New Features in PLUS+1 GUIDE 12.2

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"Is there any change that we will get access to changing the colours of the components & busses. As per previous discussions in the forum the reduction in contrast with the new colours in V12 makes if very difficult to see outdoors. I am currently using V12 on a single project to test but, I have to keep going back to V11 when outside as V12 is just to difficult to work with in daylight on my laptop. I suspect that the addition of multiline text will change the file format so this will not be possible to open V12 files in V11."

Yes, I also work with V11, because of the bad contrast of V12.
I have made pictures with my camera and I will send them soon, so everyone can see the difference.

V12 is no option to me.

I have only had a quick look at 12.2 and it looks like there are some really nice additions but, it is disappointing that there is not an option for higher contrast colours. This should not be that difficult as the layers functionality still exists from the PCB CAD package Guide is built on.

Also in 12.2 how do we move the toolbar that is now down the left side of the CAD area and the one that is now at the bottom in the status bar back to the toolstrip at the top? For me these are just wasting some of the CAD area as there is now an empty space in toolstrip where these toolbars used to be. I can't find a way to turn these two toolbars off either.


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