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I can't seem to drive a bus with this output.  I can get it to work by first connecting a constant to the bus member and then connecting the StrConcat output to the same bus member but this is disturbing.  Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Hi Albert,

It's possible that you haven't done anything wrong, and you're just hitting a bug.
I've noticed this "undriven" behavior when the output signals of a POU are rerouted to a new bus as you've shown.
To confirm that it is driven, if you connect a wire directly to the POU bus it should show the driven status.
I think it might be fixed in a upcoming version, but even though it shows as undriven, the signal is still able to be used from what I've noticed.

The workaround I've used is to have a retype when connecting to the new bus. Or in situations where I was trying to save resources, I would use the "Predefine Type" component from under the Manage section.

Hope this helps


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