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Hi All

Sorry I was busy.

In the end It's working now but I can not see in display because string[x] did not exist.

In service tools it's working as you see in pictures:

Danfoss_MotorSerialNumber.png       I used directly the variable  SerialNumber[1], 2,3, 4  etc.   it's working.

Danfoss_MotorSerialNumber_String.png    I used retype with string[x],   It's working too. see Danfoss_MotorSerialNumber_String_plus1.png

But my problem is how can I see SerialNumber[8] in my display. 
In edit text type:  the string[?] didn't exist as you see in picture Danfoss_MotorSerialNumber_String_Display.png

I hope you understand my problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.

With best regards

Change the RETYPE to STRING instead of STRING[8].

Hi acmall.

It's done. Thank you very much sir

with bests regards


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