Problem by installing 2024.1.3 with update center


I start update from update center and there comes the message "update center is running, please close it"
I close it in system tray and then comes: "Download on installation in process"

I can't solve this problem and Guide 2024.1 will not start.

What can I do?
Installation of service tool, same problem.

Has anyone installed it succesfull?

Pierre-Yves Brebion:
I have the same problem!!!  :-[
What's more, when I start the Guide I get the following message: "*** ERROR 328 *** [PLUS1_IDE] INTERNAL: Installation incorrect {The installed version of PLUS+1 Base (1.0.147) is too old. Version (1.0.149) or newer is required. Reinstall PLUS+1 GUIDE to resolve this issue.}"

I got around it by killing the update center in task manager. The installation then completed and I just had to restart the Service Tool download/install.

You could also check if the installer is still in the download folder. By default it is deleted after install unless you uncheck the option in settings to Automatically delete installed files but, if the install has not completed it may still he there and the install could be started manually.


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