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Kvaser Driver Incompatibility


I noticed that the plus+1 drivers conflict with the Kvaser drives, I am trying to use both the Danfoss CG150 and the Kvaser USBcanII (not at the same time). Only one can have their drivers installed at a time. Has anybody found a work around for using both band of devices on one workstation?

Hi Scott_MARL,

I asked around regarding your issue:

"Not something I have seen. I have both Kvaser and PLUS+1 drivers installed and use both CG150 and Kvaser Leaf Pro HS v2 without issues.
Maybe related to the Kvaser USBcanII device.
Please check which Kvaser vs PLUS+1 drivers are used.
What happens when it is not working?"

I only use the CG150 and didn't know there was a conflict.
Is more people seeing this or only Scott_MARL?

Have a nice day.

Hi All,

I run both without any issues running service tool 11.1.6 version.
The Kvaser gateway needs to be enabled in the communications gateway options.


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