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Perfromance Level for SC Controller Family
« on: November 24, 2014, 01:54:51 PM »
How do you perform calculations for EN IEC 13849-1 when using Danfoss SC Controller ?

In Safety manuall1228981.pdf (Safety Manual PLUS+1 SC Controller Family) stands as follows:

SC Controllers are Category 2 architecture.

Following control subsystems were analyzed:
Input(I) ...
Logic(L) ...
Outputs (O) ...

Up to that point everything is clear. But then Table 1 is shown and here problems start. Can anyone provide manual for using Table 1 from this document?
What diference is between MTTF with DU, DD SD, SU ? What does Fail Low Fail High and No Effect mean? Ad and Au ?

And finaly, how to calculate MTTF/PFHd and by that Performance Level for SC Danfoss Controller ?

(simple example would be needed i think, something like emergency stop lets say, button + logic + contactor, PLr = d)