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Power control on electric engine

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Hello bgtwuk,

Yes it's a power control with an electric motor.

I joined a MCE126 picture.


So what part do you need help with?

It seems that you do not have much experience with motors.

Tell me all about the motor, and what you need to do with it..



The characteristics of the motor are : 1500rpm, B35, 110kW, 400V.

I need to do a power control with a simple electric motor.

1 : The plus+1 microcontroller is programmed in current amplifier as an MCE126 electronic card, piloted by a JS1000 joystick. This part is ok, it works in my installation.

2 : A sensor measures the current which uses the engine. When the current is too high on the engine, the sensor takes back up information to the Plus+1 microcontroller  and the amplifier lowers the current sent in the hydraulic pump. Therefore more current is high on the electric motor less plus+1 send current in the pump. I do not know how to manage this part in the plus+1 microcontroler.

The MCE 126 electronic card made this function more or less automatically.

Did you understand my request and functioning?

Hello there,

mm looks like you have and electrohydraulic powerpackage, the hydraulic system is a close loop system and what you want to do is control the de EDC of the pump, am I right?

you are thinking based on old technology.

the MCE126 is tied to the 3Phase power so that it can detect an overload and de stroke the swash plate of the pump (or go to neutral) and avoid a stall on the electric motor.

depends on what you have in your system, but I guess you have a soft starter to drive the electric motor, that may not be have  a lot of featuers like protection for overload but should have basic features like current, voltaje and frequency monitoring which may be broadcasted in Modbus RTU.

I do have some electrohydraulic powerpacks what I do is to install a Gateway to convert from Modbus RTU to CAN and monitor all eletrcial parameters voltaje, current, frequency and so on. with all this information I can set up when I need a shutdown or disable (joystick disable).

probably you should think in something similar

what do you think?


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