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I guess this is more for the Danfoss guys.

ok, I use the PGN 0 to control engine speed/RPM, so according with the PGN 0 block there is an input to enable the transmission of the MSG.

However it seems not to be working It always is sending the message, I just found out this by analizing the data with the CANKing however it turns out that in the real life when I realease the engine speed control (or set to false the ENABLE input of the PGN0), the engine should run at IDLE, well it runs at idle but it is oscillating you can hear the up and down of the RPM (it is always between 700 and 850) so the engine ECU/ECM is trying the get control but the MC050 is broadcasting the PGN0 all the times (cause the enable input is not working) so there is always a conflict a low RPM.

when I go at and above 900 RPM the engine speed control is OK.

I guess I can countermeasure this issue by changing the priority when running at IDLE but still why the ENABLE inuput is not working?

May I be doing something wrong?

I appreciate any advise




ok, found the issue.

I broadcast a MSG from the display to enable the PNG0 at the controller so I just did not have the logic to check if the received msg was updated after some seconds.

I have added this logic and everything works ok.

thanks anyway


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