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I am trying to set page area that I can use for alarms and indicators. I want this to be shown on top of most pages but not all. Regardless of teh order it is only shown on the first page. When I change pages it gets hidden. If this has the highest order shouldn't this always be on top. Do I need to enable this area after every page change?

Yes, unfortunately you have to trig a new activation for getting your alarm area at top.

Hi tjozmin

The way I achieve this is to set port colours to transparent on the screens where I want to see the warning area and use a full size background image with a transparent window so that the warning icons are visible through it.  I found this method the most simple as it does not involve re-enabling ports in some screens and not others.  The warning port can also be enable full time with True rather than more complex control logic.  I never use priorities and only use order for images within a page.



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