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Displaying a descriptionj string based on SPN/FMI error code

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this is from the advanced class, basically you start with the creation of the module on the project manager, see pictures attached.

now this was when working with the DP6xx displays.

I not longer decode the SPN or add a text about what it is-at all- , the operator now opens a PDF file with the SPN explanation on the display.  turns out I had to work with European  engines and they have tons of SPNĀ“s so the easy and most effective way to let the operator know about the issue is by allowing him to consult the PDF

what display are you working with?  perhaps you can use the pdf viewer also

I hope this helps


My display is a DM430E-0-0-0-0.  I don't see how I could display a PDF on it.

I'll take a look at your ideas soon.



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