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Just to clarify the process how to activate your license on your PC, this is the steps:

* You should have received an email with an upgrade key if you already has got a PLUS+1 license.
* Copy and paste the upgrade key into the license manager.
* The license manager will ask for your previous license named xxxxxxxxx.lic
* To complete the activation you will be asked to send a email to
* After a few minutes you will receive an email back with your license key. (Please note that you need to use this key to activate your second PC.)
* Paste the license key into the license manager.
How to activate the license on your second PC:

* Paste the license key (this is the key you did receive to active your first PC) into the license manager for this PC and click Rehost.
* You need to send an email to to activate it.
* After a few minutes you will receive an email with the license key to your second PC.
* Copy the license key into the License manager and you are ready to work.
Best regards // Thomas

Definitely adds clarity to upgrading to v5.  When I first read the term "rehost," I was assuming it was for moving to a new computer (and inactivating the old), for when a user might upgrade hardware mid-year or something.

Thanks for the cleaner explanation and happy holidays.



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