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Has anyone replaced the CAN wire between microcontroller and the display with a wireless system and what are the problems to watch for.

Hello fbent
I'm using a bluetooth brige to connect the CG150 to my application. Works perfect, just the logging rate wil slowdown slightly. So in my opinion, it should work with the display in the same way. Especial if you have no to time critical communication.

By the way, I'm using a pair of "CANlink Bluetooth"-Interfaces from


They make the CG150 for sauer danfoss (its a Kvaser Leaf OEM - reduced firmware so Kvaser Library dll wont work dirrectly with it but does work on CanKing)

Kvaser drivers and material very good - I use dual port USBScanII for simulation of dual bus systems


I want to communicate wireless between two machines. I must be able to send and receive in both ends. I accept delays up to 1sec.
Anyone know how to do this? (Distance between machines are approx. 100metres)

The  Welotec GmbH system looking promising, 90m indoors, 1000m outdoors.


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