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I'm interested in seeing this latest iteration of Danfoss telematics be a success, and I think some of the first steps needs to be a good product rollout.  As a controls engineer I have questions about how best to get my customers, both the more independent and less independent ones, set up and working with the CS100 and someday the CS500.  Is there a plan to generate a training slideshow or pdf?  If we didn't have to contend with COVID I'd suggest working it into a Developer's Conference.

At this point I'm chasing down answers on how to get customers set up on the portal and how they order data plans.  As much time as has been spent developing and releasing these products I feel that developing documentation for product rollout and distributor training shouldn't be a stretch.

At this very moment I have multiple very, very anxious customers waiting for me to get them set up.  I understand if the focus was so heavily on product development that rollout was a scramble, but now is the time to get this stuff right.  There needs to be existing documentation that anticipates and answers the predictable questions on getting these products implemented, and it needs to be done last week.  It should be accessible via a help menu on the CONNECT portal because the Danfoss website remains difficult to navigate.

This is a very good point. You can have the best product in the world but if the documentation, training and support is not there it will potentially fail.

Lack of support and poor response time to the support request was the reason we rejected the previous Danfoss telematics solution. For some of the use cases for telematics it can't afford to go off line and if it does good support is needed to get it back up quickly.

Also agree about the website. Ever since they changed it a few years back it has been more difficult to navigate.

I've found that support has been forthcoming, so we've been able to get up and running.  Documentation and other aspects of rollout are still missing.


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