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New release - Announcing PLUS+1® GUIDE and Service Tool 12.0!


Fast. Easy. Open. Three pillars sustaining and guiding advances in performance and features of PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service Tool, a fundamental framework that continues with the 12.0 release. Rest assured, Danfoss is committed to further improve the PLUS+1 software platform to enable customers with intelligent and intuitive tools to shorten product development cycles.

Version 12.0 is now available in the PLUS+1 Update Center and ready for download!

Highlights & New Features:
New PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service Tool features:

* New themes for the user interface!          - Dark and Light can be selected from the options menu
          - Now using anti-aliasing and true type fonts allowing for smooth lines and text
          - Updated icons and colors for a general contemporary look


* Improved compilation speed           - Compile dialog now gives more progress information when compiling for test, debug and simulink

* Improved start-up time           - Key elements of libraries are now cached for quick subsequent loads

* Module viewer now supports print menu
* Query – when querying Time base component, value field offers a drop-down list of supported time bases
* Debugger          - New tab for setting initial values for all input signals
          - Run debugger based on a specific loop index from the context menu
          - Add-Watch dialog supports drop-down selection of available signals
          - Editing loop inputs through import/export via CSV files

* VBSE          - A “screens” folder is now part of the “My code” tab
          - Screens can be exported and import between the project and MyCode via context menus
          - Stacking order of objects is now easier to inspect through improved context menus


* Extended ECU settings for Advanced Page components          - Add generic ECUs in service applications with one or more matching criteria
               -> Several ECUs may match a generic ECUs matching criteria
          - Panel components can now be added as panel definitions
          - Panel components and Page now have an option to select ECU under properties
          - Replace ECU functionality added to hyperlink setting

* ECU media file management           - ECUs supporting media files will have a ‘Manage ECU media files’ item in the ECU in the System Navigator.
          - A ‘Manage ECU media files’ will also be added to the File menu

* Intuitive search signal function for Advanced Pages          - Now possible to start typing part of the signal name to get a filtered list of signal names

Easiest way to update, and keep you updated on any new releases, is by using our PLUS+1 Update center but, if this happens to be your first time downloading PLUS+1 software tools please use below links;

Service tool

For more details please read the Release Notes under Help menu in PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service tool!

Any questions? Contact PLUS+1 Helpdesk at !

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team


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