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Hi Marbek!

Don't forget that you have the Module viewer option under View in the menu. This window provides an additional window, independent of the main PLUS+1 GUIDE window, in which you can edit SCS files. Typical uses of this window include:

* Seeing multiple pages within the same project. (You can open the SCS file for your current project in this window.)
* Coordinating CAN communications between two controllers
* Copying parts of code from one project to another
You can read more about it on page 205 in the GUIDE User Manual 10100824 Rev 1401 from February 2016 found on our website.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team

Chris W:
Sneak peek!

We're getting close to our 9.0 release, which is currently scheduled for late October.  In this release, the Module Viewer is being transitioned to a stand-alone tool.  This will allow you to associate SCS files in Windows with the Module Viewer and allow you to open up multiple instance.  This will be very useful since it can open faster than GUIDE and now you can open the SCS files directly from your project directories in Windows.

Additionally, the same is true for the SCS Compare Tool (outside US only)!  We'll post an update once the new version is available!

Best Regards,

Danfoss Power Solutions
Product Application Engineer

@Nilla: yes, module viewer is very nice, but can't open screens.......


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