Author Topic: PROEMION Data Platform Incident - Partial mobile network connection problems  (Read 7624 times)

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Hi all!

We got information from Proemion on a partial mobile network connection problems. Statement from Proemion as follows;

New incident: Identified
One of our mobile network providers is currently facing infrastructure problems. Our partner is working actively on resolving the problem. At the moment we are monitoring the impact on our customers. Currently, we estimate 5% of affected devices across our customers. Unfortunately, it still might impact all devices of individual customers.
The devices might not be able to establish a proper online connection. In that case, Real-Time connections are not possible. Logging data is buffered on the devices what mitigates the problem. We don't assume any data loss.

The affected mobile network provider and their signaling vendor already started to activate traffic. This process is done with caution in order to prevent potential overload of the mobile network provider's infrastructure.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and are in active contact with the affected mobile network provider.

We really hope this is not causing any of you any issues!

Best regards
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