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I'm kinda confused,

First my setup.
My email and everything is setup on my Desktop.
My Plus1 Guide is installed on a laptop with a separate network login to our company network.


I can't do the 'auto-email' option, because the laptop doesn't have an email account,

So I'm trying the Offline option,

I get the screen that says how to create the email to send to Sauer-Danfoss,
But the 'Email' data has the line

--- Quote ---Send this email without modifying it.
The email will be processed automatically and you will receive a reply when the request has been completed.
--- End quote ---

So is that included? Also what about a Subject?
The info window doesn't say what should be in the subject line?

Hi Shadowram

Write PLUS+1 Request in the subject line to avoid filter problems.

You must include the text that says send this e-mail without modifying it.

If you copy the e-mail contents to your desktop e-mail software be sure to set the e-mail to plain text.

Send to

Hope this helps


Looks like it worked.

Thanks for the help!


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