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Do push notifications or alarms or whatever work currently, and are they functional with the CS100?  I'm trying to sort out how to make my CS100 send email or text notifications based on data it receives.  The Notifications section of the CONNECT portal seems unclear on how to do this.

EDIT:  We figured it out.  It doesn't appear to be documented anywhere or even shown in any of the CAB stuff though.  So, the Notifications in the wheel drop down in the upper right is different than the Notifications you can click on the left.  The former is for creating notifications.  It'd be good to name it as such.

EDIT 2:  Can it not send a text message?


Since I don't have much knowledge about the PLUS+1 Connect Portal, I would recommend you to use the support function in the Portal (see image) if you don't get any answers here in the near future.
I asked around and there should be possibilities to have notifications with email and/or sms. But it was unclear if it was activated/implemented.

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