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Hi Guys,

this is the first time I will be using a CS100, still waiting for the device but in the mean time I tried to do a simple  configuration for it on the PLUS1 Connect portal.

when trying to do it I had few errors, is that becuase the device is not added on the PLUS 1 Connect portal yet?

see screen shots, basically it does not accept the CAN ID I want to work with, not sure what multiplier means, it asks for ID Mask but it is 11 bit only CAN ID.

does anyone can advise about

thank you

Just an update about

we are 2 administrators of the portal, so both should be able to create and modify the configuration files, however for some reason just my colleage can do that, if I try to do it, it seems to work until I hit the save/create button, basically it saves no any changes I made. we have compared all adminstrator settings and both are the same..kind of odd this issue.



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